Read This Fifth Grader’s Adorable Love Letter

posted: 08/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd

This 5th grader's heartfelt letter to his crush proves that romance still exists! All men should take notes from this little boy on how to write a show stopping love letter. He sweetly compares his feelings for her to the feeling of having "every Pokemon ever." This little guy really knows how to win a woman's heart. This adorable note sounds like a 5th grade girl's dream.


The note reads:

"Dear Abby, your eyes remind me of the evening sky. My heart felt like broken glass until I saw you, and then I felt like I had every Pokemon ever. I love how you play Zelda even when people think it's weird. If you liked me back it would be my first ever victory."

The photo of this adorable card was posted on Reddit by the user dreichart87. He was pleasantly surprised when his 5th grade niece, Abby, came home with her very first love letter. He posted the picture with the caption, "this 5th grader has more game than I'll ever have." This little boy is quite the charmer. Abby is one lucky girl!