Randy Fenoli and the ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ Crew Did the Mannequin Challenge

posted: 11/22/16
by: Rebecca Goldberg

By now, you've likely seen the Mannequin Challenge that's taken over the internet. Essentially, it's a viral trend that features people frozen in place like mannequins while you pan across the entire scene.

As simple as it is, there's something about it that has us unable to stop watching! It's video eye-candy, and it's exciting to see how everyone highlights different frozen moment in time.

While filming for an upcoming season of Say Yes to the Dress, Randy Fenoli and the SYTTD crew decided to have a little fun and create their own Mannequin Challenge. As if this isn't already a moment this bride will forever remember, she certainly won't be forgetting it now!

Click here, to see the cast and crew of OutDaughtered take on the Mannequin Challenge!