Raise the Bar with Gorgeous Frozen Drink Blocks

posted: 12/16/16
by: Blythe Copeland
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  • Image Credit: A Bubbly Life

    Confetti Ice Bucket

    You can also give the idea a New Year’s Eve twist by freezing the bottle in an ice block of confetti, glitter, and streamers .

  • Image Credit: Jamie Oliver

    Winter Woodland

    Add holly branches, pine needles, and sliced citrus as Jamie Oliver did around vodka or gin; add limes, chiles, and mint to tequila.

  • Image Credit: Martha Stewart

    Holly Berry Ice for Vodka

    Make an eye-catching bar display by using holly, roses, and white pine branches inspired by Martha Stewart’s frozen vodka tutorial.

  • Image Credit: Inspired by Charm

    Holly Jolly Ice

    If you’re serving punch, freeze berries and rosemary in large ice cubes for a decorative touch; the recipe from Inspired by Charm includes vodka, but you could use the ice cubes in a nonalcoholic punch, too.

  • Image Credit: Bon Appetit

    Sometimes Hot is Cold

    Freeze a block of ice around the bottle to keep the spirit at an ideal drinking temperature. Bon Appetit. shows you how to hack a milk carton to create a symmetrical ice block that’s just the right size for a vodka bottle, but don’t stop there: Add fruit, vegetables, and plants to the ice for a stunning display.