Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Her 90th Birthday By Posing with Her Adorable Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

posted: 04/21/16
by: Mara Betsch

It turns that Queen Elizabeth, the head of the British monarchy, is really just a proud grandmother. For her 90th birthday, in addition to a stamp collection, the royal family released a beautiful portrait showing off her adorable grandchildren and great-grandchildren. See the lovely picture, taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, below:

Though you probably recognize Prince George standing at the Queen's right side (with his signature knee socks) and Princess Charlotte (on the Queen's lap), you may not know the rest of the clan. Standing behind the Queen is Lady Louise, 12, the daughter of the Queen's youngest son, Prince Edward, and his wife Sophie (Fun fact: She was a bridesmaid at Prince William and Duchess Kate's wedding!). Next to her, at the Queen's left, is her eight-year-old brother, James, Viscount Severn. The rest of the children are the Queen's great-grandchildren, including Savannah, 5, and Isla, 4, her grandson Peter Phillips' daughters. But the little one who steals the show has to be Mia Tindall, the daughter of the Queen's granddaughter Zara and her husband Mike, who is holding Queen Elizabeth's purse like a perfectly poised little lady.

Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth! We couldn't have imagined a better way to spend your day!