Queen Elizabeth Casually Has 4 Drinks A Day Because She’s A Queen

posted: 08/02/17
by: TLCme

We all know Queen Elizabeth's affinity for corgis and eccentric, beautiful headwear -- and it turns out the Queen also enjoys a couple of drinks throughout the day, because why not when you're the Queen?

According to Travel+Leisure magazine, the Queen's day beings with a morning cocktail, then onto wine or champagne with her lunch, and formal royal chef Darren McGrady said "she loves it" champagne that is, but of course.

Her Royal Highness winds down the day with a glass with a dry martini and glass of champagne.

The Independant reported that this amount of booze technically adds up to 6 units of alcohol, making the Queen a "binge" drinker by "British government standards," but who needs standards when you're the literal Queen of England?

Cheers to being royal!

The Duke and Duchess toast Her Majesty The Queen at the garden party in her honour at the Ambassador's Residence in Berlin. ?

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