Q&A with Child Star Turned Momma and Matchmaker, Christine Lakin!

posted: 03/02/18
by: TLCme
Christine Lakin
@yolakin Instagram

Christine Lakin probably used to be your dream TV best friend. Now, the former child star is grown up with a beautiful family and killer career, but she's fulfilling the role of wingwoman for three lucky ladies as host on the new TLC series Hear Me, Love Me, See Me. Before the premiere on Saturday at 10/9c, she answered a few of our burning questions, including what it was like dating in Hollywood and tips on being a successful working mom!

Our fans may know you from your role as Al on the popular 90s sitcom Step by Step. What was it like growing up on TV?

Christine: I truly had a wonderful experience as a child actor. I was surrounded with some of the kindest, most wonderful cast and crew I've worked with to this day. Plus I was a huge fan of TGIF so when I was suddenly a part of that lineup, I felt like I had truly "made it." And I still feel that way when people tell me I was a part of their childhood. I'm blessed to have such a unique experience in life, and to continue doing something I have always loved to do. (Although if I could have deleted some of the awkward moments going through puberty in front of America, I would have. Just saying -- Braces and "The Rachel")

Tell us about your life now! What does your day-to-day look like?

Christine: Life is busy! I have a precious, spirited two-year old, Georgia, and both my husband Brandon and I are very hands on with her. When I'm not filming for either of my shows, I'm writing and pitching my next project, doing voiceover work as well as hosting my podcast, "Worst Ever." In between it all I try to find time to blog, walk the dogs, finish her baby book I completely neglected... life gets crazy. We are also at the tail end of a long remodel on our home, which has been fun and challenging. (I've never gotten in so many hilarious arguments over ridiculous paint names -- try yelling "But I like the Dusty Grey" and not laugh. Impossible.)

In Hear Me, Love Me, See Me you help singles unlucky in love find a connection. Any funny stories from dating while an actress in Hollywood you can share?

Christine: Ooooh boy, how much time do you have? In my single days I went out with a hot young model who quickly became a Stage-5 clinger (had to block that number), a stand-up comedian with a foot fetish (that got awkward real fast) and I had, what I thought was a great date with a former SNL cast member who totally ghosted me so... yeah. Dating is hard everywhere and for everyone. Thank god I found my husband. I got lucky and I think the right place and time -- and wanting the same things at the same time -- is a big part of it. Dating is like chess with a huge element of chance. Vegas Chess.

Now of course, you're happily married with an adorable daughter. Has finding love for you inspired you to host a show like this?

Christine: Absolutely! Everyone deserves love and I'm so happy my husband and I found each other when we did. When I finally got serious about what I wanted in a partner, I was on the fast track to manifest that. I was done wasting time hoping for the other person to want the same things or trying to make it "work" - all the pitfalls that keep us in dead end relationships or making the same mistakes. For anyone looking for "the one" and looking to build a life, believe me, asking the hard questions and getting to know the real person behind the profile picture or the Instagram is the first step to making it a reality.

Speaking of your daughter, can you talk to us a little bit about life as a working mom? Any tips for juggling work and family or insights for other moms looking to do the same?

Christine: The struggle is real, I'm not going to lie. I don't have a nanny. We have a small arsenal of sitters we use when both of us are working, but other than that, it's a daily juggle. I know this time with her goes by fast and I'll blink and she'll be starting school so it's why I've chosen to be as hands on as I can. I also have a weird job with odd hours, which helps. It does mean that her nap times are when I cram as much work in as I can and some evenings I work well into the wee hours after she's in bed. Sometimes I feel like I'm just running from one thing to the next, 10 minutes late to it all (yep, I'm that mom). I do try to be as present in the moments we're together and not consumed with all the things that have yet to be done. I do my best as a mom and in my professional life every day and I don't beat myself up when that's just average... or considerably lower :)

What are you most excited for viewers to see in the first season of Hear Me, Love Me, See Me?

Christine: The reveals are epic! The whole concept of going on these dates with our girl, not being able to see any of the guys but making your own assessments as a fly on the wall is so unique. Then, finally getting to reveal what these guys look like is such a great twist! I think viewers will be surprised how much we as a culture make judgements based on past experience or stereotyping and how differently we listen to one another when forced to concentrate only on the words and meaning behind them. It was amazing to see how deeply our couples connected when looks were taken away and they started asking the hard questions rather quickly.

Any dating tips for viewers out there still looking to find the one?

Christine: Be honest with yourself, number one. If you have issues from past relationships, work that out so you're fully ready to recognize when the right person presents him/herself. Communicate when you start to date and don't compromise on the big issues (children, family, work, beliefs). You can't be scared of the big questions - this could be the rest of your life! Stay open. The "One" may not have it all on paper or check all the boxes... but that stuff is ultimately inconsequential if you connect on true emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels (and yes I think you need all those things to a degree). The rest will work itself out if you're both committed to being the best versions of yourselves you can be. That's the good stuff!

Watch Christine help singles find the one in a totally new way on Hear Me, Love Me, See Me Saturday at 10/9c!