Push Presents: Yes or No? Serena Williams Sparks an Online Debate

posted: 10/18/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Ladies is a "push present" a thing? If so what did you get if anything? #conversationstarter

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Where do you stand on push presents because Serena Williams wants to know. The tennis star posed for a beautiful selfie on Instagram with her adorable five week old baby, Alexis Olympia, but all anyone can talk about is the caption.

Williams, who is one of the greatest athletes of all time, asked her followers about push presents--a gift given to a mom after she has given birth, and it set off a firestorm. "Ladies is a 'push present' a thing? If so what did you get if anything? #conversationstarter," the caption reads. And her followers, well--- they had thoughts--lots of them.

While some of the comments were all in when it came to receiving a gift after delivering a baby, some fans seem enraged that she would suggest push presents are acceptable. The post has almost eleven thousand comments.

While the idea of push presents have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to social media, the origins of push presents dates back to the 1700s. It seems anytime someone mentions push presents, the internet becomes divided.

Personally I'm a fan of push presents. For both of my babies, my husband gave me a small piece of jewelry that I absolutely cherish. When my kids are adults and have children of their own, my plan is to give them my push present to pass on to their children. This way my push present becomes a family heirloom, and until then, I'll just enjoy wearing the jewelry.

So if push presents are something you are your partner are down with--great! Go for it! If not--that's great too. However, shaming someone for their opinions is against Mom Code, and no one needs more mom shaming, right?

We want to know what you think about push presents. Tell us in the comments if you are for or against a gift after the birth of your baby. And if you did get a push presents, what did you get?