Pug-Loving Teen with Autism Gets a Huge Birthday Surprise from His Older Sister

posted: 05/24/17
by: Blythe Copeland
Pug Party
Go Fund Me/McKenna Louise

When McKenna Little's younger brother, Andrew Vaughn, was about to turn 14, she wanted to give him something he'd never had before: A birthday party. Andrew, who is autistic, "hasn't ever wanted a party," McKenna wrote on Facebook, "because he would be sad if no one showed up." So she took matters into her own hands, publishing an open invitation to a party in Sherman Oaks Park in California, and specially requesting anyone with a pug to attend.

"I wanted to do something special this year and give him a surprise birthday party that he will never forget," she wrote. "As some of you may also know, he is obsessed with pugs. I wanted to ask my friends and family if they have or know of anyone who has a pug to come to the get together I'm having. I would like to surprise him with as many pugs as possible."

McKenna's post paid off: When Andrew arrived at the park, he found more than a dozen pugs running around -- and over the course of the party, more than 80 dogs joined the festivities. A local pug rescue center had shared the invitation, drawing dog owners and their pets from all over the world to RSVP or offer to send pug-themed gifts and cards, reports Little Things. "He kept asking, 'Is that a pug?!' to each dog," McKenna said, "because he just couldn't believe his eyes -- as if he didn't believe it was real life."

Andrew loved the party so much that McKenna has since started a GoFundMe page for a new goal: Throwing birthday parties in 2017 for three children with special needs. "I want to give all kids with special needs the opportunity to have an amazing day that celebrates their birthday," she wrote.

Via Good Housekeeping