Proof That Pippa Middleton is Pro Athlete Material

posted: 08/01/17
by: Kristine Boyd

We saw from Pippa's honeymoon that she was one active woman. But we didn't realize just how active she was until we did some more research. From marathons and triathlons to cross country ski and biking races, it's clear that Pippa can do it all. She not only finishes the races, she completes them with extremely impressive times. Pippa is constantly pushing her body to its limits and we think it's awesome! Take a look at just a few of Pippa's amazing accomplishments over the years!

Tusk Trust Marathon

"Finally the time had come. All the work, training, effort and thrill of being here, part of something so tough yet so evocative and meaningful. I simply had to finish," Pippa wrote after finishing her first marathon in Kenya. She did amazing!

47 Mile Swedish Swim Run

Pippa raced in honor of James Matthew's brother who died in a mountain climbing accident. Pippa completed the swim of 6.1 miles and the run of 40.3 miles in just over 13 hours. Pippa undoubtedly admits it was one of the hardest things she's ever done.

Pippa & brother James completed a 47-mile Swedish swim run on Monday. How does she do it?! #pippamiddleton #jamesmiddleton

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Great Wall Marathon

Pippa was the 13th overall female and finished 70th out of 876 in the Great Wall Marathon in China. With 5,164 steps and an 820-foot climb, we are convinced that she is super woman!

Inferno Race in Switzerland

The Inferno Race is the World's longest downhill ski race. This race is 14.9 kilometers of icy, narrow slopes with the addition of over a thousand skiers. Not only did Pippa finish, she earned 97th out of 196 women. Talk about impressive!

London 54 Mile Bike Ride

Pippa raised money for the British Heart Foundation while biking in the Brighton to London 54-mile bike ride. Every mile was worth it for Pippa to raise money for an amazing cause.

Pippa completed the London to Brighton 54 mile bike ride today. ? #pippamiddleton

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