Proof That City Hall Weddings Can Be Gorgeous, Too

posted: 04/20/15
by: TLC

According to The Knot, the average couple now spends more than $30,000 on their wedding ($31,213 to be exact). So it's no wonder that some couples decide to opt out of having a fancy wedding entirely and go for a city hall ceremony instead.

City hall ceremonies can be just as beautiful and memorable as a big weddings. There's also something sweet and ultra-intimate about city hall nuptials, because there's usually way fewer family and friends involved. Couples can keep the special moment of their big day just between them. Just look at these eight happy couples and tell us there's not something magical about a courthouse wedding.

1. This well-patterned pair.

These two came down from Canada to #elope at #cityhall. Their fun photos are on the blog today!

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2. This victorious duo.

3. This laid-back couple.

4. This ecstatic bride and groom.

5. This extremely good-looking couple.

The most perfect wedding ???? #cityhallwedding #elopement #wedding #sfcityhall #married

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6. This newly married pair, who involved the kids, too!

7. This super sweet pair.

8. These two adorable, emotional brides.