Professor’s Adorable Baby and Toddler Upstage Him During Live Interview with the BBC

posted: 03/15/17
by: Blythe Copeland

This video may be every work-from-home parent's nightmare: Midway through a serious live interview with BBC World News regarding South Korea, Professor Robert Kelly is interrupted by his two children. First, his toddler opens the door and does a combination dance/walk up to sit next to her dad right in front of the camera. As he tries to guide her away without turning around himself, a baby in a walker sneaks in through the still-open door. A moment later, a woman frantically runs in and pulls both children out of the room, then crawls back in herself to close the door. Kind of makes that time your baby was screaming in the background of your non-essential conference call seem not quite as bad, doesn't it? Watch and see for yourself.