Pregnancy Hacks for Every Trimester

posted: 09/09/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Comfort pregnancy
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Some lucky moms-to-be sail through pregnancy with a glow in their cheeks and bursts of energy for lots of nesting. But for some pregnant ladies, those nine months feel like an eternity. However, all Mamma's can use a little extra help during our pregnant days. From maternity clothing woes, ways to ease those pregnancy pains, and Old Wives Tales that actually work, here's pregnancy hacks to help ease you though every trimester.

Not quite ready for maternity jeans? Looping a hair tie though the buttonhole and onto the button make your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans fit for a few more weeks.

If the zipper start to fall, just wrap another hair tie around the top of the zipper and attach to the button.

The Old Wives Tale pregnancy indigestion means a baby with lots of hair seems true for many moms. So ease that indigestion with a Granny Smith green apples. Buy those green apples in bulk because this trick works wonders.

Make any shirt into a maternity top with a DIY belly band. Take an old tank top, cut the off the straps and neckline in a straight line, and fold the tank over your belly and pants. Top of off your DIY belly band with any shirt for a layered look.

Doctors' appointments: you'll have a lot of them. Try for appointments early in the morning so you aren't hanging in the waiting room for way too long.

Don't let your feet swell at your desk. Grab a milk crate to prop your feet up. This hacks will save you from painful swelling and wondering when your ankles disappeared!

Rather than buying new bras during your pregnancy, buy you bra extenders at a craft store.

Leave room temperature water and crackers on your night stand. A few sips of water and a cracker or two before you get out of bed can help keep morning sickness as bay--at least for a little while.

Hack a pregnancy pillow and save a lot of money by placing a travel neck pillow under your belly. You'll get some relief and much needed sleep.

If you're desperate to sleep on your belly or stretch out your back, grab a doughnut shaped pool raft, cover it with sheets and blankets, and prop your baby-belly inside the raft. This is a trick for belly sleepers who miss their favorite sleeping position. Sweet dreams!

Using Kineso tape can really help relieve aches and pains for carrying around that heavy belly. You'll look just like a professional athlete--just pregnant.