Pregnancy Announcement Video Gives Britney Spears a Run for Her Money

posted: 06/17/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Gone are the days when expectant mothers told friends and family their news via phone or over lunch. Now viral videos are the way to get the word out -- and with their latest clip Machel and Jerrad Green have raised the bar for pregnancy announcements to stratospheric heights.

The video has Machel impersonating Britney Spears with reworkings of several of her songs to reflect the fun of each phase and trimester of pregnancy (think: "Oops..I'm Pregnant Again" to the tune of "Oops...I Did it Again").

Jerrad told BuzzFeed they hope to one day show the video to their kids as proof grown ups don't always have to act like grownups. "Machel likes to say that we're going to show our kids one day and say, 'see, you can still have fun when you're an adult!'"