P!nk Explains the Hilarious Story Behind Giving Her Daughter $100 for a Loose Tooth

posted: 06/27/18
by: Amanda Mushro

What's the going rate for a tooth these days? Around our house, the Tooth Fairy usually leaves a few dollars and lots of fairy dust, much to the delight of my kids. However, when Pink's daughter Willow had a loose tooth, her dad gave her one shot to pull the tooth out for a big money. And when she did just that--it was time for dad to pay up. So how much was that tooth worth--$100.

The singer's husband, motocross pro Carey Hart, was the one who shared a photo of their 7-year-old little girl proudly holding the tooth she pulled out in one hand and a crisp $100 bill in the other. In the caption, Dad explained just how she ended up with a missing tooth and the money.

"Willz is gonna be the next major investment banker," he wrote on Instagram. "We settled on 100 buck for 1 shot at pulling her tooth out. Was the best money I ever spent, and she got 20 weeks worth of tour per diem in 5 seconds. #LoveThisKid."

After Hart's post, a lot of fans were critical of the couple giving their daughter $100 for single tooth. So Pink was quick to respond with a tweet.

"Sooo... the tooth fairy doesn't give out $100 bills," the artist tweeted. "Not the one that comes to our house. Papa does, because he's nuts, and it was a bet to pull her tooth out."

While some fans were not thrilled of the $100 per tooth bet, other fans responded with hilarious messages asking the couple to adopt them or examined how inflation has effected the amount each kid gets for a tooth over the years.

This bet got me thinking, my daughter has a few loose teeth that are just hanging on. Maybe I should make the same deal with her--or on second thought, I'll just wait until her teeth come out and the Tooth Fairy do her job. That seems easier and cheaper for everyone.