‘Please Hide Packages From Husband’—This Delivery Man Did Just That

posted: 06/20/18
by: Amanda Mushro

We've all had those online shopping moments. You see a great deal and start adding things to your shopping cart. Then you see a few more items that you really need--so you buy those too. A few days later, box after box shows up at your front door, and you realize it's probably wise to quickly remove the evidence of your shopping spree. Well, Vanessa O'Shea knows that feeling all too well and even purchased a funny door mat that said, "Please hide packages from husband." So one heroic delivery man did just that.

O'Shea, who lives in Haslet, Texas, shared a hilarious video of her partner in crime, her delivery man, taking her door mat to heart. When he steps up to the door, boxes in hand, and sees the mat, he quickly takes a few steps back and hides the boxes behind a chair. While O'Shea admits she thought it was a funny door mat that would make visitors giggle, the now viral video has us saying we want her delivery man to put us on his route, too.

Gilberto Montanez is the delivery man in the video and he told ABC news "I have never seen a mat like that one." But since he aims to please, "I took the reasonable request seriously: To hide the packages from the husband."

The O'Sheas with the delivery man responsible!

O'Shea said she and her husband actually watched the package hiding happen live from a recording device they have on their doorbell. They were out at dinner when they received a notification on their phone that somebody was at their front door. "So we just tuned in and watched," she said. "When we saw it we got a good laugh and couldn't believe he actually tried to hide it."

Since sharing the video, it has been viewed over 17 million times and has many saying Montanez deserves title of Delivery Man of the Year. O'Shea and her husband said once they say the video going viral, they reached out to Montanez to let him know about his internet fame and to thank him for his careful attention to details.