Playgroups are Important for Kids and Parents, Says New Study

posted: 10/04/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Three mothers in living room talking with babies and coffee smiling

Sometimes making mom-friends can feel a lot like dating. When you meet another mom you have to figure out if you are compatible, if you have anything in common, and if you want to see this person again. But before you can even get to those questions, where do you go to meet new mom-friends? For a lot of moms, usually it's a playgroup. We already know that playdates and playgroups are important to your baby's social development, but a new study says that these groups are just as beneficial for you too, Mom.

Researchers from the Australian Institute of Family Studies released a study that says playgroups can improve parents' social supports and increase their ability to care for young children. This can be a playgroup that is hosted in someone's home or a playground or it can be a Mommy and Me class that you attend with your child.

While your child is learning the basics of sharing and communicating with other children, parents are learning too. "Social benefits often extended outside of the supported playgroup -- in one study 68% of families had contact with other playgroup families outside of the playgroup session," lead author Joanne Commerford said. "Parenting skills developed within the playgroup led parents to becoming more confident in caring for their young."

Researchers said that sometimes parents feel stress or pressure when it comes to attending playgroups with their children and have worries about their children's behavior, finances, and the ability to relate to other parents. However, researchers said the benefits to children and their parents should outweigh these stresses.

Part of being a parent is having a support system, and finding a playgroup is an awesome step to finding your mom-support system. So if you are looking for something to do with your little one today, why not find a few moms and get your playdate on.