Pink Gets Mom Shamed After Posting This Picture

posted: 08/08/17
by: Kristine Boyd

Busy rock star mom, Pink, shared a picture of her cooking a meal for her family. In the picture, she is cooking some veggies while her baby is strapped to her front and another is kneeling on the counter. This received some serious backlash from commenters on Instagram. People were attacking Pink saying that she was being a bad mom for putting her kids in danger. Many people had a lot of issues with this picture and could not understand what Pink was thinking.

Dinner time

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However, while there were a lot of bad comments, there were even more positive ones. Moms everywhere commented on Pink's picture telling her that they know the struggle of trying to get dinner on the table while keeping their kids busy. So many moms have been in this exact situation where they have to hold their baby while cooking by the stove. People were saying that she is an amazing multitasker and are thanking her for sharing a real picture. "This happens everyday! This is real Life! All of us mothers do what we got to do. I myself had to cook with a toddler on my hip when he was little. Let's love and support one Another! Go Pink!" one commenter said.

While people agree that there was a potential for danger, the overwhelming response is that no one is perfect. People respect Pink for entertaining her children while cooking them a homemade meal. Many parents even think that there are a lot of benefits to cooking with your kids and teaching them the dangers of the kitchen. We think that Pink, like so many mothers, is an amazing and doing the best she can. Let's celebrate moms and stop the shaming!