Photoshop Fail: Boy’s Toothless Grin Retouched in School Photo

posted: 06/19/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Yearbook photoshop

School pictures, although awkward at times, are treasured by parents because it reminds us how quickly our kids grow from year to year. Whether it's the change from a baby face to a big kid face to a toothless grin, those precious pictures are important us. While we know that magazines are websites famously use photoshopped pictures, what happens when your kid's school pictures receive a little tweak? One Australian mother was shocked and confused when she received her son's school pictures and realized his adorable toothless grin had been replaced!

"Surely we have lost the plot when we start photoshopping an 8 year old's gappy grin," Australian mom Angela Pickett wrote in a now viral blog post about the incident. At first Pickett thought maybe she was having a case of mom brain because she thought her son had already lost his teeth when he posed for his pictures. Then she figured out what happened "His mouth had been photo-shopped with what looked like last year's baby teeth swapped in."

Pickett writes "I looked at the family photo and his class photo -- and there he was. Gappy McGapster (as he currently calls himself) in all his glory. At first, I thought they'd given us last year's photo -- but then I looked closer. Nope. His mouth had been photoshopped with what looked like last year's baby teeth swapped in."

Pickett says the photo company, which she chose to not name publically, has apologized and said the staff member who swapped in his "2016 mouth" now realizes it was an error of judgement. The company also said they often receive criticism for not photshopping school pictures to correct messy hair, bruises, or stains on shirts.

The silver lining to this photoshopping-gone-bad--Pickett says "The best thing has been the realization that for the most part parents want these memories of their kids to be just as they are. It's also a good reminder to all of us - and especially to those of us with kids - not worry about filters and photoshopping. Sharing photos should be about sharing authentic memories - even if they are a bit messy and wrinkled!"