Photography Tips to Capture the Perfect Baby Photos

posted: 05/12/17
by: Katie Morton

There's no denying it, children grow up quick--how many times have you caught yourself saying, "it was only yesterday..." Whether it's an ultrasound photo, those tiny footprints, or your child's first art project, we're prone to wanting to hold on to each and every memory. As our babies grow up, one of the easiest ways to do that is through photography.

Photos allow us to easily and visually capture memories that'll last a lifetime. And nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, it's as easy as point and shoot. You can snap professional-looking photos with the tap of a phone screen. Of course, that's easier said than done.

Here are five expert tips on how to capture the perfect baby photos.

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1. Find the right light

What's the real secret to an amazing photo? Good light. And, in photography, natural light always wins. This means that shooting during the day, outside, or near windows can really make a great photo.

Unfortunately, not all of those photo-worthy moments are going to happen outdoors or during the daytime. If light is not on your side, there are ways you can adjust your camera settings to help you get that beautiful shot (without having to use that horrible flash!). For instance, try increasing the ISO setting on your camera. If you're using your phone, use an app, like Camera+, which allows you to adjust multiple settings, including ISO.

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2. Get on their level

Another element to capturing that perfect photo is having the right perspective. Finding a good angle to shoot your baby requires you to move around. Try getting low--it will allow for some fresh perspective to your shot. Also, don't be afraid to zoom in on their tiny features, which can oftentimes make for an interesting detail shot!

3. Bring out the right look

In photography, it's important to capture the right look. With babies, this can be difficult because you can't direct and pose them as easily as you can with an adult. It's important that you chose a time when your baby won't be fussy, like right after eating or napping. Is there something you know they particularly enjoy doing? Do they instantly perk up when looking at mirrors or when they hear a rattle? Keep these items on hand so that you can use them to bring out the right look in your baby.

4. Tell a story

Great photos tell a story. And the way to tell that story is through the details within the photo. What does your baby's day look like? Take some photos of your baby in the bath or playing with their favorite toy. You should also think about the details of your shot and how they relate to that story. Does your baby enjoy your family pet? Try including them in the photo. Do they enjoy a particular food item? Incorporate that in your shot.

5. Keep Shooting

A good photo all comes down to luck. You never know when your baby is going to have that picture perfect moment. Keep your phone easily accessible, and when that perfect moment arises, keep shooting. For babies on the move, use your iPhone burst mode to capture quick action shots.

You don't need to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment to snap an amazing baby photo. Using just your phone and with the right combination of light, levels, location, and luck, you can take your own beautiful photos to capture memories that'll last you a lifetime.