“People Food” Your Pet Will Love

posted: 03/28/17
by: Katie Morton
people food
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Pizza: one of the best "people foods."

For many of us, our pets are part of our family. While it's always best to stick to vet-approved pet food for the mainstay of your furry kid's diet, sometimes offering a morsel of human food is a welcome treat. Here's a list of pet safe human snacks that you can share with your dog.

1. Cooked Plain Chicken

Chicken is a great low-fat, protein-rich snack for both humans and the pups. When feeding your dog chicken, make sure that it wasn't seasoned with onions or garlic--both of which can be toxic to dogs. Also, vets say you should never feed your dog chicken bones. Chicken bones can splinter and pose a serious choking hazard. Stick to plain, boneless meat and your pup will be happy!

2. Cheese

Virtually all dogs love the savory taste and texture of cheese. Cottage cheese and cream cheese are soft cheeses that you can safely feed your pup. Hard, flavor-rich cheeses, such as cheddar, are also a great, mouth-watering snack. Vets say to feed your dog cheese in small amounts (one ounce or less) to avoid stomach upset from the lactose.

3. Raw Apple Slices

Not only do apples taste delicious, but they also can help your dog's dental hygiene. Sliced apples, with the skin on, are great for cleaning your dog's teeth --just be sure to remove the seeds before feeding your pet.

4. Peanut Butter

The rich taste of peanut butter will have your pup begging for more! Dogs love the flavor and it's also nutritious, packed with protein and high-quality fats. One great way to keep your pup occupied is to stuff one of their treat-dispensing toys with peanut butter. This will keep your dog happy and busy while you're out.

5. Raw Baby Carrots

Dogs love the sweet taste and the crunchy texture of raw baby carrots. Baby carrots are healthy for both people and dogs. Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and immune-boosting antioxidants. They're also full of highly digestible fiber to help regulate the digestive process.

6. Scrambled Eggs

Cooked eggs are a simple, protein-packed snack for your dog. Just scramble a raw egg or two (no spices or extra oils) for a savory snack your pup will love. Vets say that while cooked eggs are perfectly fine, you should avoid feeding your pet raw eggs because of the salmonella risk.

7. Cooked Pumpkin or Winter Squash

Cooked pumpkin (or it's cousin, the winter squash) is a superfood for both pets and the humans who love them. These gourds are chockfull of heart-healthy fiber, essential vitamins, and protective antioxidants. Plain roasted, boiled, or steamed pumpkin is also an excellent snack to reach for when your dog has an upset stomach.

8. Salmon

Of course you know dogs love meat, but did you know that they also love fish? Cooked salmon is a wonderful snack to offer your dog because it's rich in fatty acids. The Omega 3 found in salmon can help boost your pet's immune function, as well as provide heart-healthy nibbling.

Know that while some people food snacks are perfectly healthy for dogs, others may make them ill. Before adding any new food to your pet's diet, it's always best to check with your vet. Happy snacking!