People Are Freaking Out Over the Starbucks Holiday Cup….Again

posted: 11/03/16
by: TLCme

I woke up on November 1st, took in the crisp autumn air and remembered... 'tis Starbucks Red cup season! But then horror struck when what should my wondering eyes should appear as I scrolled my Twitter feed, but...GREEN CUPS!? How could this be, it's red cup season--not green-- RED. I wasn't the only one completely dumbfounded by Starbucks taking the red out of red cup season, the entire internet was ablaze.

Then I remembered, ah yes, holiday season isn't officially here until people freak out about the Starbucks holiday cups, and here we are. I also remembered, it's a cup for coffee. Don't get me wrong a symbolic cup, but a cup none-the-less. A cup for coffee that we love to freak out over. I think Starbucks just loves the drama at this point to be honest. Their new GREEN design represents unity, and encourages us "to do good to each other," a Starbucks spokesperson told CBS.

Here are some of social media's reactions to the cups.

A house divided cannot stand.

Are the holiday cups getting political? Or are they simply re-designing? Haters are gonna hate, no matter what the cup Change isn't always easy, but it's always necessary Starbucks has spoken
Now, I ask can we rise above the Starbucks holiday cup differences of opinion, perhaps it's time that we celebrate it's our differences in opinion that unite us.

But all things aside, the red cup will return next week, Thursday November 10th, and all will be right in the world, well as far as holiday cups go.

Happy Holidays.