Parents Recreate Their Daughter’s Selfies And The Photos Go Mega-Viral

posted: 09/16/15
by: TLCme
Emily Musson

Is there anything people in college like more than selfies? No. Nothing. Just ask Emily Musson, who loves taking selfies with her boyfriend Johnny. She and Johnny frequently upload the photos to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where Emily's parents can check out all of their latest and greatest poses -- one of Emily's faves seems to be holding her chin in one hand while sticking her tongue out, don't ask us why.

Emily's parents were deeply intrigued by her favorite pastime so they decided to try it themselves -- by recreating every single one of her selfies. Emily posted her photos alongside her parent's versions of her photos with the caption "my parents r actually on drugs or something":

And the photos BLEW UP. To date, the images have been retweeted more than 82,000 times.

The best part? Her parents haven't even MET her boyfriend yet. That'll be an interesting day.