Paraplegic and Fiance Defy Odds, Conceive and Announce in Hilarious Photo

posted: 02/16/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
I hear Reddit likes seeing paraplegics defy the odds...

In a hilarious photo on Reddit, Todd Krieg--a man who is paralyzed from the chest down--shared some good news.

"It still works!"

Krieg posted a goofy photo on Reddit to announce that he and his wife are expecting their first child, despite the fact doctors called that nearly impossible after a dirt bike crash left him paralyzed from the chest down.

In the photo, Diesen stands holding a sonogram of the baby growing inside of her while Krieg is in a wheelchair with the words "It still works!" written on the wall behind him. His tongue is out for the world to see.

The couple met in 2015 at a paralysis recovery center where Krieg was being treated after his accident. He eventually confessed his feelings for his "cute therapist" and once he left the center to head home to Ohio, Diesen went, too.

Now, despite the odds, the young couple is expecting their first child, and we couldn't be more excited for them!

Thumbnail photo came from Imgur