“Pancaking” Is the New Hair Trend We Should All Try

posted: 01/19/16
by: TLCme

If "pancaking" isn't something you'd associate with hair, think again: it's a new approach to braids that's super relaxed, super simple and something both kids and grownups can get on board for.

What it is, in the simplest terms, is a flatter, more relaxed braid. Think more Elsa than Bo Derek.

According to The Stir, who spoke to a pancaking expert (a real thing, apparently!), the trick is to be gentle, be mindful of layers and master the technique of pulling each loop until it's wide and flat. Need more inspiration? Check out some of our favorites -- including a step-by-step how-to -- from Instagram below.

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Who knew these could work with my fine hair? Love it. ?? #pancakebraid #braid #hair #sidebraid #love

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A little bit updo, a little bit braid, a lotta bit awesome. #braidbitchbraid

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