Our Favorite Pumpkin Moments from Roloff Farms (So Far)

posted: 10/30/15
by: TLCme

Fixing the Pumpkin Butt

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Matt Roloff sees an unusual object in the giant pumpkin they're using on the parade float.

Halloween at Roloff Farms is a truly magical time: the fall colors, the scarecrows, and of course the pumpkins. The whole family comes together to enjoy the reason for the season -- and goof off a little bit. Below, check out some of our favorite pumpkin moments with the Roloffs so far this season. And be sure to stay tuned to Jack-O-Lantern Live to catch all of the fun and Roloff appearances!

1. That time Audrey and Jeremy spied on Matt and that adorable dog as they adjusted some of the Jack-O-Lantern Live setup.

2. That time Zach and Tori's dog, Sully, held court over the pumpkins.

3. That time Audrey Roloff taught us what a "ghost pumpkin" is. (Spoiler: it's white!)

4. That time a bunch of cheerleaders did an awesome formation in the pumpkin patch.

5. That time Tori Roloff kissed a llama (we hope Zach doesn't mind!)

Who else got to kiss a llama at @rolofffarms ?? @rojothellama

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