Our Absolute Favorite Holiday Party Themes That Will Get You In the Spirit!

posted: 12/20/17
by: Amanda Mushro

The holiday season is the perfect time to reunite with family, friends, and colleagues for one last hurrah before ringing in the New Year--giving you the perfect excuse for throwing an amazing, never-to-be-forgotten, themed party.

As December calendars book up with holiday celebrations, we reflect on some of our favorite holiday party themes.

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

This classic holiday party theme never gets old or worn (pun intended). We've all been the recipient, at one point or another, of a horrendously ugly sweater. Instead of immediately searching for the gift receipt or tossing it to the donate pile, hold onto that hideous gem. Who knows, it might win you the gold at your next ugly sweater holiday party. Here's some ideas of how to make your own!

Winter Wonderland Holiday Party

It's the most wonderful time of the year. And the perfect excuse to create a winter wonderland! We love parties that embrace the magic of the holidays. Rooms decked with hues of blue and white feel elegant and timeless. Winter wonderland holiday parties are the perfect occasion to kick it up a notch with a floor-length gown and jewels that sparkle.

Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Party

We love this interesting, unique twist on a classic. For those who have a passion for Halloween, hold on to those costumes and face paint--they'll come in handy for a Nightmare Before Christmas themed party. This wickedly ghoulish take on the holidays is one to be loved and embraced by all ages!

Roaring 20's Holiday Party

Glitter, headbands, and a reason to get dressed up--what's not to love? Jump in a time machine and roll back to the era of jazz bands, flappers, and bootleggers (and bathtub gin!). A roaring 20's themed holiday party is a guaranteed good time. With the music turned up and libations flowing, get ready to dance the night away.

Pajama Holiday Party

Sometimes the best way to celebrate the holidays with your closest girlfriends is with a good, old-fashioned sleepover. Sip on hot toddy's while you enjoy a Secret Santa gift exchange. Whether you want to turn your living room into a dance floor or a private screening room is up to you. What's most important is the quality time you'll get to spend with your friends.

Game Night Holiday Party

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Not all parties require a reception. Whether it's shuffleboard, billiards, or bowling, game night holiday parties are some of the funnest parties to attend and great for creating memories that'll last a lifetime. Hang out and let your competitive colors show while you enjoy food and drinks with your crew.