Online Dating Safety Tips

posted: 10/03/16
by: TLCme

Meet Narkyia and Lowo

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This week we meet new 90 Day Fiancé couple Narkyia, from Camp Hill, PA, and Lowo, who is originally from Nigeria.

The search for love is a terrifying thing, where is it? Who is it? When will it happen? Let's face it meeting people is always a bit awkward; especially when it's a "date." The nerves are high, there are expectations, even when there aren't expectations. The most important thing to remember about online dating is to be safe. Unfortunately there have been cases of "catfishing" aka luring someone into an online relationship by providing false information. Here are a couple of safety parameters to keep in mind while being courted online.

  • Tell your friends where you're going and who you're going with
  • Public place, preferably one that you've been before so that you know the lay of the land
  • Always meet there, rather than him/her finding out where you live
  • Don't drink too much so you have your complete sensibility
  • Don't give personal information out, you wouldn't do this over the phone so why would you online? Favorite color, fine, home address, not ok.
  • This may seem obvious but never provide any type of financial information
  • As far as a job goes keep it vague, you wouldn't want them looking up your place of work
  • Most of all, follow your gut, if you're uncomfortable in any way, do not do it