One Mom’s Message to Another Mom Who Taught Her Son a Lesson On Disabilities

posted: 05/12/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
One mom who has a child with special needs had some kind words to share with a mom she came into contact with at a fast food restaurant.

Leah Carroll was standing inside with her son Malachi when she noticed a little boy point at him and shout, "Mom, look at THAT boy!" Carroll recounted in a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page how she saw the "panic" on the boy's mother's face, but ended up thanking her for how she dealt with this tricky situation.

"When you realized your whispers weren't working I saw the panic disappear and you took a deep breath and took a step of courage," Carroll said, remembering how this mother tried to quiet the boy and his brother by whispering "we don't say things like that" to him.

But, when this mother took that "step of courage," this situation turned into something wonderful.

She brought her sons over to Malachi and said, "I bet he would like to know your names!" The joy that this encounter brought Malachi brought tears to Carroll's eyes, she said. She noted that many children his age are afraid to come and speak to him.

The two other boys started to ask questions about Malachi's physical condition, but Carroll admired the way her fellow mother handled it. She took the time to educate her kids and help them understand that not everyone is like them.

"Thank you for being the type of mom who educates your children instead of frantically trying to silence them," she went on to say.

She concluded with noting how special needs mothers may take offense to the stares, comments and whispers of others, so it's important to teach your kids about how people might differ from each other.

We definitely agree.