One Mom Gets “Roasted” By Her 3-Year-Old in Her Mother’s Day Card

posted: 05/12/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
Wife got Roasted by my 3yo.
Here's to one 3-year-old who is way more observant than her parents probably thought she was.

In a hilarious photo uploaded online, one father is calling attention to how his 3-year-old "roasted" his wife in her Mother's Day card. On the piece of paper, the child was answering questions about her mom and made it very clear to the reader how much she likes to sleep.

Out of 12 answers the little girl gave about her mom, four of them had something to do with sleeping.

The first mention we see of it comes in the child's third answer. She filled in the blank to the statement "Mom and I like to..." with "take naps together." She then answered "Mom likes to say..." with "go to bed." But the sleep-centric answers certainly didn't stop there.

A little farther down the card, the child fills in "If she had time, she would like to..." with "take more naps."

Then--in a clear illustration of how she has taken note of her mother's habits--she fills in "Mom is really good at..." with "sleeping."

So, do you think you can get away with doing certain things around your little kids? If so, you might want to think again!