One Family Had to Visit 3 Airports Last Minute to Fly on Same Flight Together

posted: 04/21/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

This family from Canada booked their vacation months in advance, so they expected everything would go smoothly.

It ended up being quite the opposite.

When the time came in March for them to take the vacation they booked in August, an unfortunate series of events unfolded that made them drive to a different airport, fly into another one and then stay at a hotel for a night: all before taking off.

According to a Facebook post from the father of the family, Brett Doyle, the first event in this travel catastrophe was the airline not giving a seat to Doyle's 10-year-old son. After over an hour of trying to connect with an agent, he finally reached one.

"She would not tell me if the flight was oversold," wrote Doyle on Facebook, "or if my son would have a seat to fly with us...[she] suggested I go to the airport 2 hours before the flight as they would have to deal with it."

"Not happy" and "concerned" with the situation, the family headed to the airport. There they met with an agent who was "very apologetic," but told them that their flight was overbooked by three seats and it was unlikely the 10-year-old would get on.

He suggested the family drive from the airport in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and then fly into Montreal and catch their flight out of there.

"I am now driving to Moncton at my expense," concluded Doyle, "and will stay the night in Montreal at my expense so that I can catch a flight that I purchased and paid for in August."

This is not one happy family.