One Comment from a Stranger Changed the Way This Mom Parented Forever

posted: 06/22/17
by: Kristine Boyd
Mom on beach
Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner, a young mom, was on the beach with her husband and two children when the weather decided to take a turn for the worst. Holding a new born, while packing up the beach toys, and trying to convince her 2-year old that it was time to leave was nothing new to this busy mom. She is used to crying kids, stressful situations and running around trying to make everyone happy. It may not have been an ideal situation, but that's parenthood.

It wasn't until a stranger made a comment to her that changed her entire outlook on parenting. In the midst of the madness she overhears and old man say genuinely to his wife, "Those were the days, weren't they?" It was at that moment that Lauren's eyes opened and she got a much-needed reminder about seeing the big picture. As she marched through the sand she thought, "These are the days. We're in them, living them. Right. Now."

She reminisced on all the hardships of parenting. She thought about the countless early mornings, late nights, expensive bills, tantrums and, through it all, trying to stay sane. But because of this one comment she was able to step back and realize how amazing her life was. She had two healthy children and a loving husband. "We were sticky with sunscreen, hair tangled from the wind, hands full of stuff, dragging our babies through the sand, and instead of seeing chaos, that man saw us as a beautiful memory of his own young family. We were the highlight reel," Lauren told Pop Sugar.

Now whenever her toddler is screaming, dinner isn't made, and the house is a mess, she will stop and think, "man, these are the days."

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