OMG! Spray-On Nail Polish Is Here!

posted: 11/10/15
by: TLCme
Nails Inc.

Nail polish is kind of the worst. Even if you get your polish perfect on one hand, it's usually nearly impossible to get your non-dominant hand properly polished. Tons of products have come out to try to conquer the wobbly polish problem, but we've always been mega skeptical. Until now.

The latest nail invention? Spray polish. I know, I know. How possibly could this work? According to the makers of Paint Can, the first-ever spray-on nail polish, you can spray polish all over you hand with abandon. The trick is that the polish only sticks to your actual nail. Once you're done spraying, you simply wash your hand with soap and water and the polish comes off your skin but stays on your nail. So you get the perfect polish look every time.

Pain Can isn't out yet, but Nails Inc., the creators of this crazy new innovation, have made it available for pre-order. It comes out officially on November 12. Say goodbye to messy home manicures forever!