5 Old Wives’ Tales that are actually Awesome Life Hacks

posted: 05/19/17
by: Amanda Mushro
bowl of chicken noodle soup

We all have our favorite old wives tales--like an apple a day keeps the doctor away and if you have a lot of indigestion while pregnant, you will have a baby with lots of hair. We might not know where we first heard these bits of knowledge, but there is some truth to those old wives tales. Well, maybe not every old wives tales is truthful, but for the ones that have stood the test of time, it's as if those famous old wives tales were the original life hacks. From curing a cough to keeping a pot of water from overflowing, these old wives tales make some of the best life hacks.

A spoonful of honey will cure a cough- This old wives tale has been proven through a number of studies that suggest taking honey before bed can help can calm a cough so the patient can rest at night. Also, it's advised to use local and organic honey for your coughs as a way to build up an immunity to seasonal allergies.

Sugar will save burned gravy- If you are making gravy and found yourself distracted just long enough to accidentally burn it, don't toss the gravy out. Just pour it into a clean pan, continue cooking, and start adding a little sugar--just be sure to taste as you go. The sugar will cancel out the burned taste and your mashed potatoes won't feel so lonely and dry.

Get sticky gum out of hair with peanut butter- If you've ever found bubble gum in your hair, you might feel like grabbing the scissors is the only way to get that gum out. Instead, drop those scissors and head to the pantry for peanut butter. Coat the gum with peanut butter to break down the gum so it can be easily and hopefully painlessly removed.

Cure a cold with chicken soup- While a delicious bowl of homemade chicken soup won't actually cure your cold, it can help. Studies show that this centuries-old home remedy works because a bowl of the soup may reduce inflammation of the lungs. So you'll be able to breathe easier while suffering with a cold. So head back to bed and have someone whip you up a bowl of soup when you are feeling under the weather.

Stop a pot from boiling over with a wooden spoon- If you've ever noticed your mother leaving a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water, she must have heard this popular old wives tale and realized that it does work. Since the bubbles are unstable, the wooden spoon causes the bubbles to pop because the wood is water resistant. So the bubbles pop and the water level drops back into the pot so that the water stays inside the pot instead of spilling everywhere.