Not Crafty? 4 DIY Halloween Projects Anyone Can Make

posted: 10/07/15
by: Blythe Copeland

If the complicated DIY Halloween costumes, crafts, and recipes your friends are passing around on social media make you feel more anxious than excited, try one of these simple holiday projects instead. From easy pumpkin decorating ideas to can't miss candleholders, these four projects let you celebrate Halloween without the crafting stress.

1. Glitter pumpkins

Break out your kids' craft box for these sparkly pumpkins -- no carving required. Just cover the top (and sides, if you want) of the pumpkin with spray adhesive and use a plastic spoon to sprinkle glitter on top. If you're feeling especially creative, you can paint some of the pumpkins first and use contrasting glitter; then group several together for a pretty centerpiece or porch decoration that will look especially brilliant next to some flickering candles.

2. Black lace votives

These simple, lace-trimmed votives from Family Chic get their spooky vibe from intricate needlework, with its callback to sticky spiderwebs and Gothic-style haunted mansions. The technique is simple -- just cut a piece of black lace trim long enough to wrap around a glass candleholder and use a few small stitches with a needle and thread to hold it all together. Then when the season is over, swap the black lace out for a wintry white or springy pink.

3. Tin can luminaries

Decorate your front porch or stairs with candles in safer-than-a-pumpkin containers by DIY-ing these tin can luminaries from JollyMom. Fill a clean, empty tin can with water and freeze it; then punch holes in the ice-filled can using a hammer and awl, remove the ice, and paint the can. Add candles and pair with pumpkins, flowers, or other Halloween goodies for a gleaming addition to your curb appeal.

4. Drilled pumpkins

If the idea of carving even a simple jack-o-lantern face -- much less a detailed Disney character or recognizable presidential candidate -- on your pumpkin seems overwhelming, then use a drill to make rows of perfect circles in different sizes. It may sound a little boring at first, but the lacy geometric patterns will add an elegant finishing touch to your inside or outside decorating.