North West Struggles to Look “Thrilled to Party” in Snapchat from Kim Kardashian West

posted: 02/21/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
North West
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North West
Snapchat: Kim Kardashian West

Even though the caption on the photo says "thrilled to party!", the look on North West's face suggests otherwise.

In a Snapchat photo shared by her mom--Kim Kardashian West--North, 3, is captured sitting next to her cousin Penelope Disick, 4, at a friend's birthday party with the fakest of smiles plastered onto her face (she still looks cute, though).

But, at least North is looking at the camera; her cousin Penelope is glancing away from it with her hair covering up a serious expression.

These mini members of the Kardashian clan were attending the birthday bash of Khadija Haqq McCray's daughter Celine. McCray is best friends with Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian.

While we aren't entirely sure how good a time the cousins had at the "Yo Gabba Gabba"-themed party, we know their moms definitely enjoyed themselves as evidenced by the photos McCray posted on Instagram.

My Babies made the party Ohh and Their Mom's

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