Night Janitor Vacuums Kid-Friendly Pictures into Elementary School Carpets

posted: 11/20/16
by: Blythe Copeland

For most people, vacuuming is a dull chore that's essential to a clean home -- but not exactly joyful. But for Ron Munsey, a night janitor at Woodbury School in New Hampshire, cleaning the school's carpets gives him an opportunity to bring a little extra cheer to the elementary-aged kids.

During his evening shift, Munsey vacuums fun designs into the school's rugs -- including Charlie Brown, the White House, and a shooting star, according to Woman's Day -- taking inspiration from the designs in the field grass at Fenway Park. And while he described the task as "a relaxing job," school assistant principal Dan Mitchell says it does more for the students than just give them something to look forward to: "HIs shift is when the kids are gone, so oftentimes they lack that connection between the night staff and the students here in the day. It really drives home the point that there are so many people that come in here after you're done and they work so hard to make a safe, comfortable, and happy place for you to learn."