Newsflash: Selfies Can Be Deadly?!?

posted: 09/22/15
by: Mara Betsch
Selfie at the beach

Recently, a Japanese tourist fell to his death at the Taj Mahal. The cause? A selfie! The 66-year-old was trying to take a picture at the iconic landmark, tumbled down the staircase inside the mausoleum, and passed away. Though this is an extreme and sad scenario, it turns out that selfies can actually be deadlier than we think.

In 2015 alone, 12 people have died as a result of taking a selfie -- there have only been 8 deaths by shark attacks so far this year. And we wish we were kidding.

Think about it: snapping pictures in unfamiliar terrain can be a recipe for disaster. And the data matches the headlines -- most selfie-related deaths are a result of falling. But what's more troubling is that the majority of the others involve being hit or injured by trains. Though it's unclear if these are part of a new group of daredevil selfie-takers, or just freak accidents, but it is making top tourist destinations take action. Disney parks are banning selfie sticks, and the Spanish city of Pamplona gave a participant in its annual running of the bulls event a $4,000 fine for taking a selfie with the bulls.

So the next time you go to snap a selfie, focus more on where you're walking and less on getting the perfect picture. And here's a novel idea -- ask someone to take your photo for you!