New Year’s Recovery: Tips on How to Help Your Pounding Head

posted: 12/28/17
by: Katie Morton
Multi-ethnic group of friends celebrating in a nightclub - Clubbers having party

New Year's Eve is a legendary party night! If you're toasting long after the ball dropped, the harsh light of New Year's Day may have you reaching for a vat of ibuprofen. While there's no "cure" for a hangover per se, there are things you can do to make the day after imbibing more tolerable. Here are a few tips on how to perk yourself up the morning after a killer party.

1. Hydrate (then Rehydrate)

There's a reason your post-party breath is called "cotton mouth." Alcohol is a toxin as well as a strong diuretic. Overindulging depletes your body of vital hydration, hence that dry-as-a-bone morning throat. The good news is that you don't need any fancy beverages to rehydrate your body--plain old water will replenish just as well as any sports drink.

The pros also recommend that you down 16 ounces of water before bed to stave off morning dehydration. Then, when you wake up, reach for that H20 again. A squeeze of lemon can add taste and give your body some much-needed Vitamin C.

2. Nourish Yourself

Your body needs vitamins and minerals to detox and recharge. Any food you can handle will soothe that churning stomach. A mix of proteins and carbs are best: think peanut butter and toast, eggs and bread, etc.

If the thought of "real food" makes you green, then reach for that time-tested, Mom-approved chicken noodle soup (canned is fine)! The mix of broth, protein, and easy to digest carbs will give your body the energy boost it needs without upsetting your system.

3. Replenish Vitamins

Part of the reason too much alcohol makes you feel terrible is because it upsets your body's vitamin and mineral levels. Remember that lemon you squeezed in your water? That's vitamin C. If you can take a multivitamin paired with some food, you'll start to feel better sooner rather than later.

4. Relieve Nausea

Sip some room temperature ginger ale to soothe your churning stomach. Why room temperature? It's easier on your digestive system. Another natural cure is to mix a few ounces of water with a half teaspoon of baking soda. Plain, warm water steeped with ginger and lemon can also stop your tummy grumbles.

5. Try Natural Remedies

Dr. Karen Sutton recommends the following natural remedies for general relief of symptoms: Creeping thyme can be brewed into a tea and helps with general relief. Roseroot boosts your mental capacity, helping with fatigue and exhaustion. Stinging nettle is said to help your liver and kidneys detoxify and remove the alcohol from your system.

6. Sleep!

If all else fails, you may have to hit the hay for a while. The very best thing for a hangover is sleep! Your body needs a chance to recover and detox. If you can hit that snooze button for a few extra hours of zzzz time, your body will thank you.

The truth is there's no magical cure for the common hangover. But, rest, dehydration, and proper nourishment can help you feel much better, much quicker. Cheers to a happy, healthy (and hangover free) New Year!