New Technology Turns Picking Out the Perfect Outfit into a Science

posted: 06/25/15
by: Mara Betsch

Picking out the perfect ensemble is usually more about trusting your gut than technology, but that may be changing soon. For Clueless fans out there, you may remember that Cher had a before-its-time computer program to help her choose her daily look. Now you too can have a digital personal stylist assist you in picking out a great #OOTD (outfit of the day, for all you style newbies).

A University of Toronto computer scientist just developed software meant to help you select your most flattering style. Here's how it works: You upload a photo of your outfit, and the software compares it to hundreds of thousands of pictures on the site Chictopia, using the number of positive votes to determine which looks are "fashionable." Then, it offers suggestions based on highly-rated Chictopia outfits as well as a few other factors, including the the scenery of your picture. For example, maybe you should pair that dress with a leather jacket, not a cardigan? It may even suggest ideas for better lighting or a more flattering angle?!?

We can't wait to try it out, although a release date has yet to be announced.