New Study Says First Born Children Are the Smartest

posted: 02/21/17
by: Amanda Mushro
A young boy imagines reading minds of his two friends with a homemade science project. They are dressed in casual clothing, glasses and bow ties. They are serious and sitting at a table with helmets on their heads in front of a beige background. Retro styling.

New Study Says First Born Children Are the Smartest

This may cause a little rift during your next family function. When it comes to sibling birth order, a new study is helping first born kids with some bragging rights. According to new research, first born children are smarter than their younger siblings.

While this may come to the delight of all first born children, our oldest kids are getting a lot more one-on-one time and mental stimulation with parents and are benefiting from us being first time moms. Researchers found that parenting styles tend to change with each child within a family and this leads to first born children performing better than their younger siblings. "First-time parents tend to want to do everything right and generally have a greater awareness of their interactions with and investments in the firstborn," says Jee-Yeon K. Lehmann, co-author of the study. "With each subsequent child, parents tend to relax to a greater extent what they might deem as non-essential needs for their kids."

So think of your own children. With your first born you probably read every book and every article on the best way to feed, nurture, and teach your baby. When it came to teaching ABCs, numbers, colors, and shapes, you were all over it. But when the second baby comes around, well this isn't your first rodeo and you realize that maybe you don't need to follow every single parenting skill you used with your first kid. Plus juggling more than child is time consuming and overwhelming. So our second, third, and any other babies that come along, don't get as much one-on-one time or mental stimulation as our first child did.

It's not that we love any of children differently or love one child more or less, but parenting changes once you have more than one kid. What can we take away from this study? All of those silly songs and games you played with your first born really do help and while we have to divide our time among other kids, it's still important to engage in those early learning experiences. Plus now you have older kids that can help teach younger kids!