New Study Says Dads Are the Ones Getting Less Sleep

posted: 04/14/16
by: Amanda Mushro
newborn dad tired

There really are no words to express the utter and complete exhaustion that new parents feel after having a newborn (just ask #NewMomDiaries star Jess Zaino). However, a new study suggests that it's the fathers -- not mothers -- of these tiny babies that are getting less sleep during those first few weeks of parenthood. *Pauses for every mom in the world to LOL*

NPR shared an excerpt from a new book called "The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child's First Four Years" that looked at several studies, which all claim fathers of newborns are the ones who are actually getting less sleep.

One study used wrist trackers to measure the sleep patterns of 21 pairs of first-time parents, and reports said the fathers got fewer hours of sleep and had more hours of "confirmed sleepiness." Interesting, because my oldest child is almost seven years old, and I would say that I've had "confirmed sleepiness" for almost seven years.

They did note, however, that women's sleep was disrupted more often.

The study goes on to say that mothers were getting more sleep, even with all those late-night feedings and changings. What makes Dear Old Dad so tired is because he isn't able to make up for sleeplessness while working during the day. Because mothers appear to have more opportunities to snooze during the day--like napping when the baby naps--they are getting more rest than their partners. *Again, pauses for every mother in the world to LOL*

Mercifully, the studies found that as children get older, sleep deprivation becomes less of an issue.

But in the meantime, I don't recommend that dads use this study when playing the "Who's More Tired?" game with a new mother -- it's a game no one will win! Better yet, have grandma come over so both Mom and Dad can get some sleep.