New Reunions Coming to Long Lost Family

posted: 03/20/18
by: Kate Meroski

Get ready for an emotional new season of Long Lost Family! New reunions begin Sunday, April 8th at 10/9c on TLC.

Hosts Lisa Joyner and Chris Jacobs return to reunite families who have endured a lifetime of separation. With high stakes and challenges like closed adoptions and family secrets, Chris and Lisa know the path to finding long lost family members is always different and extremely challenging.

Using whatever resources they can--from public records and archives, to tracing family trees, to cutting edge Ancestry DNA technology--Chris and Lisa leave no stone unturned in their efforts to heal decades of emotional agony.

Here are some of the stories you can expect to see this season on Long Lost Family:

  • A man, who at 48 years old, was traumatized to find out he was adopted after his adoptive parents had already passed away

  • A woman haunted by the memory of the sister she first met, and last saw, in a courtroom at the age of seven.

  • A a man who discovered that the mother who placed him for adoption already had three sons whom she kept.

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