New Movies: Coming to a Theater… and Your Living Room?

posted: 03/18/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Family having fun watching a movie on TV
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Family having fun watching a movie on TV

There's nothing like seeing a new movie on the big screen. The theater seating, the yummy popcorn, the sticky floors, the overpriced tickets, and that couple behind us that doesn't fully understand how to whisper. Wait, why are we going to the movie theater again? Wouldn't it be nice if we could watch all those highly anticipated movies the day they open in the comfort of our homes? Well, with The Screening Room, that might happen soon.

The man behind the music downloading site Napster, Sean Parker, is proposing to create a new movie viewing system that would release brand new movies into your home on the same day they're released in theaters. That means no long lines, no paying for expensive snacks, and no rushing to get a seat before the movie starts.

For those hoping to catch their favorite blockbuster film or rom-com as soon as it's released, you'll have to pay an initial $150 for the Screening Room device that transmits the movies. Then you'd pay $50 per movie to have the film downloaded to the device, but you only have 48 hours to watch the movie.

For someone like me who has two young kids-and finding a babysitter is not only super expensive but sometimes impossible-The Screening Room is a perfect option for date night. And if you have kids who want to see a movie but to take them all is too expensive, you're not sure if your little ones can sit through an entire film, or the previews scare the kids before the movie starts, The Screening Room could save you money and your sanity. So again, where do I sign up?

While this might seem like a dream come true, not all movie lovers and creators are crazy about the idea of The Screening Room. But while director James Cameron is voicing his concern over this proposed plan, other directors like Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams are saying they like this new way for us to watch their movies.

So until The Screening Room is actually up and running, we'll just have to enjoy movies in our home from our beloved Netflix.