New EmojiMom App Illustrates the Ups and Downs of Pregnancy and Babies

posted: 08/10/16
by: Blythe Copeland

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the new EmojiMom app may be the only texting keyboard you need as a new mom. With more than 250 images for pregnancy, labor, delivery, recovery, and motherhood, the app illustrates all the highs and lows: Icons include a sleeping baby, a toddler climbing a gate, a woman pumping in a bathroom stall, an ultrasound, a nursing pillow, a bottle of spilled milk, a woman laboring on an exercise ball, and even a pair of post-delivery mesh underwear.

Co-founder Sarah Robinson told Today Parents that she and friends Natalie Ralston and Hannah Hudson came up with the idea for the app after her infant son peed on her while she was on her way out the door to work. "It was such a hilarious, frustrating, OK-I-might-break-down-and-cry kind of moment that I texted Hannah and Natalie about it and we all said, 'Seriously, there ought to be an emoji to describe this feeling.'" Illustrator Lauren Burke turned all those new-mom emotions into funny, relatable images that Robinson hopes will help moms cope with the most exhausting parts of their children's babyhood. "Nothing," she says, "says 'I get it,' like a mesh underwear emoji."