New Dating App Will Find You Love Based on Things You Hate

posted: 02/08/17
by: Amanda Mushro
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New Dating App Will Find You Love Based on Things You Hate


When you look at different dating apps and websites, they tend to have one thing in common, they use your interests and things you like to help you find love. So if you are the outdoorsy type, you can expect to be paired with someone who likes to hike. If you love to read, you'll be matched with someone that could talk for hours about books. But, love is only one side of the coin, and a new dating app doesn't want to know what you like but rather what you hate.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new dating app called Hater has launched and is changing up how daters find love by helping you "meet someone who hates the same stuff."

The Haters app gives users a list of topics like activities, ideas, and even people. Then you are asked to swipe in four different directions: love, hate, like, or dislike based on how you feel about those topics.

From "paying extra for guacamole" and "biting into ice cream" to political views, activism, and even what you don't like in the bedroom, Haters covers just about everything and anything you can love or hate.

Take for example Zombie movies. Love them? Hate them? Which way would you swipe?

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Almond milk seems like neutral topic, but for some, looks like it's a deal breaker.



Almond Milk
Scary Mommy

When you're done listing the things you hate, you can search profiles of other users to see their list of hated topics. If there is a person that has peaked your interest, Hater has a fun spin on sending the first message, a Mad Libs-style sentence that you fill in with a response.

Founder and CEO Brendan Alper told Huffington Post "Online dating has become so monotonous. Everyone just goes through the motions. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Match. Canned line. Bad date. Repeat. We want online dating to be fun again. Just like in real life."

So haters are going to hate, but this time, it might just get you a date.