Need a Moment of Zen? Sand Cutting Videos Can Help

posted: 01/20/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Feeling like stress is weighing you down? Need to find a way to relax? Instead of meditating or deep breathes, all you need are a few sand cutting videos to reach a perfect state of Zen. Yes, kinetic sand, a favorite in preschool classes, makes for interesting craft time, but when you put blocks of this colored sand being sliced on the internet, you get an oddly satisfying and relaxing video.

You'll find a few Instagram accounts like I Cut Sand and Sand.isfying who have thousands of followers and are racking up tons of views on each of their videos. You never hear voices or see the faces of the people cutting the sand, but you can watch hours worth of small and large blocks of sand being cut, sliced, and chipped away in calm inducing videos. Who needs yoga when I can feel centered after watching this video.

Why is this so relaxing? I have no idea, but if you need to feel some serenity during a hectic day, watch this one.

Just walk away from those social media posts that make your blood pressure rise and enjoy this gem.

Instead of stress eating, destress with this:

If sand cutting doesn't make you feel more relaxed, you might want to try a few paint mixing videos that also have the same calming effect. Either way, if a short video can bring a bit of peace to your day, it's worth its weight in weirdness.