Need a Fun Family Night? Get Dressed Up!

posted: 12/15/17
by: Amanda Mushro

There's just something about having your entire family all dressed up in their fanciest clothes that makes a mom's heart really happy, right? So when it came to the formal nights on our Princess Cruises vacation, I took full advantage of everyone sporting their finest attire to take way too many pictures but also make some fantastic vacation memories.

While my daughter loved everything about the formal nights, my son, who is not a fan of dressing up--or what he calls "wearing handsome clothes," needed a little more convincing while we packed. So for both kids, it really helped to include them in this part of the packing to let them know I had each of their comfort levels in mind.

My daughter picked out two beautiful dresses with lots of sparkle, fun jewelry, and of course fancy shoes. That girl was ready for some formal night fun. With a little encouragement, my son agreed to wear a sport coat and dress pants. We even coordinated his outfits with my husband's formal night attire--which my son loved. Both kids looked adorable and more importantly, felt great in what they were wearing. So the only other person left to shop for a formal night outfit was me! While my favorite little black dress would have been perfect for either formal night, I opted for a little more sparkle and chose cocktail dresses for each formal night on our cruise. I did however, wear the same heels for both formal nights to save a little space while packing.

Since our days on the cruise were full of excursions and adventures, we made sure to leave ourselves enough time to shower and change into our formal night clothes so that we could take full advantage of the activities on the ship--like listening to the talented musicians playing in the piazza, the live entertainment, and even a little dancing. We never felt rushed on the formal nights since we planned ahead and it really made getting ready for the formal nights run more smoothly.

As a mom who loves a good picture of her family, especially when they are all dressed up--take the time to let one of the ship's amazing photographers snap a few pictures of everyone in your family. Believe me, you won't be sorry, but you may have a hard time choosing just one picture. I actually created an entire gallery of pictures in our home from all of the fabulous pictures we took on our cruise vacation.

With so many adventures every day and night on our Princess Cruises vacation, the formal nights were just another awesome way to turn a night of your vacation into a fabulous and unforgettable experience.



#LifeHacks: Cruise Ship Formal Nights

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Formal nights can be one of the highlights of a cruise vacation—find out how to make the most of them!