National Running Day- How to Learn to Love Running

posted: 06/07/17
by: Amanda Mushro
young woman running
young woman running

Lace up those running shoes and let's hit the pavement. Since today is National Running Day, we're celebrating by logging some serious miles. If you just rolled your eyes and silently thought "hard pass on the running," maybe we can help. If you are new to running or you haven't run in quite some time, check out our plan to help ease you into your workouts, find a support system, and celebrate your running achievements as you take running from something you dread to something you'll want to do every day.

Start With a New Pair of Shoes - Not only is running a great workout but it doesn't require a lot of equipment. However, good pair of running shoes are essential to your success and health as a runner. So before you start a running plan, go ahead and treat yourself to a sweet new pair of running shoes. Let an expert check out your feet so they can recommend the best pair for you. Even if you don't love to run, you can still sport your fabulous new shoes on the treadmill.

Find a Running Buddy - Whether it it's your best friend or your partner, ask them to become your running buddy. Not only are you supporting and motivating one another, but scheduling a run with your running buddy means quality time a few days out of the week. Even if you don't love to run, you'll love all the extra time together. If you are looking to broaden your social circle, check your area for local running groups. You'll find runners groups of all ages and abilities so you can find a group you feel comfortable in.

Set Goals and Celebrate - Keep a running log and set small, achievable goals in the beginning. These goals will keep you motivated, and when you reach those goals, celebrate in a big way.

Plan on Running, Walking and Resting - Don't expect to just start running long distances at speeds that would shock an Olympic runner. Pace yourself and try to run one minute for every three to four minutes of walking. Soon you'll be able to increase the running, decrease the walking, and increase your distance and time without frustrating yourself. But don't rush this process. Also, you need to allow your body to rest. So enjoy those rest days because you've earned them.