National Lazy Day– 5 Ways to Celebrate this Lazy Day

posted: 08/10/17
by: Amanda Mushro

If you feel like your life is always on the go and you never have a minute to disconnect and stop, today is for you. Kick off your shoes, lounge on your couch, and get your lazy on because today is National Lazy day and in honor of this slacker holiday, you get to skip your chores and ignore your to-do list. Not sure how to celebrate a holiday that lets you act like a lazybones instead of a stressed out mess? Don't worry, we've got your lazy day all mapped out for you.

Fun Fact: One study found that laziness correlates with high intelligence. So being lazy is the smart thing to do today.

Binge Watch TV All Day
Miss an episode of your favorite show? No worries because today is the perfect day to watch and re-watch all of your favorite shows. In fact, I've already got my TLCGo app geared up to watch every episode of I am Jazz and 90 Day Finance. Can you watch an entire series in one day? There's only one way to find out!

Order Take Out
Sorry oven, but we won't need your help today. All we need are a few take out menus. We are so lazy today we might not even call the restaurant to order our food. We might just order everything online; however, we might draw the line at having the delivery person slide the food through our half opened front door--maybe.

Stay In Bed
Pile up all the blankets and pillows and refuse to get out of bed for the day. You can disconnect from all of your devices and relax in the splendid quiet, or you can mindlessly stay logged into all of your social media for hours. Whichever sounds the best ultimate lazy day to you, do it.

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Skip the Chores
On National Lazy Day, skip doing the dishes, the laundry, and leave dealing with your messy house until tomorrow. You know it will all be there once this glorious day for slacking is over.

Take a Nap
Why should babies and toddlers get to have all the fun and have scheduled naps every day? In honor of this silly holiday, turn out the lights and catch a few winks and don't feel an ounce of guilt!

Happy National Lazy day everyone! Enjoy it!