National Beer Lovers Day: Delicious Ways to Cook with Beer

posted: 09/07/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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  • Image Credit: Today's Creative Life

    Beer Bread

    No need for “It’s five o’clock somewhere” because today is National Beer Lovers Day. So raise a glass or crack open an ice cold beer in honor of this national holiday. To show your love of a frothy beer, why not plan a few meals where you cook with beer? And if you drink a little beer while you cook, well that’s a win/win for you. Beer bread with garlic and cheese—I dare you to make this yummy recipe and not eat the entire loaf yourself.

  • Image Credit: CookingWith Mamma C

    Beer Pizza

    What goes better with beer than pizza? How about a pizza crust made with beer?

  • Image Credit: A Spicy Perspective

    Beer, Brussels & Bacon

    Eat your veggies (with a little beer and bacon too) with these Brussel sprouts with bacon and beer.

  • Image Credit: The Bon Appetito

    Beer Braised Onions

    Top your next cheeseburger with these beer braised onions .

  • Image Credit: The Bon Appetito

    Beer Shrimp

    When you’re craving seafood, try this spicy beer shrimp recipe.

  • Image Credit: A Spicy Perspective

    Beer Mac

    Here’s an adult version of your childhood favorite: beer mac and cheese.

  • Image Credit: Our Life Tastes Good

    Beer Brisket

    This one looks perfect for a Sunday dinner, beer braised beef brisket.

  • Image Credit: With Salt and Wit

    Beer Cheese

    Make this quick and spicy appetizer of sriracha, bacon and beer cheese dip to celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day.

  • Image Credit: I Am A Food Blog


    Don’t forget dessert! How about beeramisu for an after dinner treat?